Product Discovery and Strategy Coach


I help companies build better products and executives to build leading product organizations.

Product Strategy

How can you make the product vision a reality, while meeting the needs of the business as you move forward?

I work with product leaders in your organization to help them define and deploy a winning product strategy.

Product Leaders will learn how to consider the objectives assigned to them, the environment in which they find themselves, and the capabilities of their organization.

Product Discovery

Benefit from a tailored and hands-on product coaching process to help you bring an idea to the market.

I take your product team by the hand from the definition of the product strategy, through product discovery to the go-to-market.

Product Leadership

Product management is essentially a leadership career.

As a Product Coach I will work with you to boost your career.

I have developed three coaching programs to guide you through an accelerated learning path.

Product Leadership

Provide intent, inspire and develop talent

Product Discovery

Discover new sources of growth and make products customers love

Product Strategy

Design, deploy and evolve a winning product strategy


Being new to the Product Owner role, I was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t quite know how to manage my time and all the tasks I was taking on.

The coaching process with Gerard has helped me to better manage my day-to-day in the role of Product Owner and, above all, to enhance my leadership skills.

Gerard has adapted his methodology to my needs, and has provided me with many tools and techniques to improve my effectiveness.

In addition, I have been able to define my clear professional development plan which gives me guidance and inspiration on what I want to focus on achieving in the coming years.

Now I know myself much better and I have learned to effectively manage the responsibilities and complicated situations that my role entails.

I recommend a coaching process with Gerard to any Product Owner or Product Manager who is stuck in her role, who is looking for new opportunities or who simply wants to give their professional career a boost.

Carla Andrea Díaz

Product Owner, ERNI

Lean Product Management and Product Discovery trainings were really informative, powerful and stimulating.

One of the things I’ve been challenged by in my career is that over time I’ve accumulated many different frameworks and mental models, to the point that it’s almost paralysing when you try to decide which one is the most appropriate to use.

Gerard gave us more of a playbook for frameworks, like JTBD that are flexible enough to handle the scenarios I face, and importantly, I’m now clear on what to do next.

The training has really helped me to evaluate where my company is at with it’s product and I can now see how the product needs to evolve for it to be a true product and not simply a digital version or copy of the services provided by the company historically.

Adrian Lester

Senior Product Manager, Diaceutics

I and my team found the training extremely beneficial with the right mix of theory and practical exercises that allows us to grasp the concepts and talk over real world situations.

Gerard was extremely knowledgeable, listened, never tried to hurry the process and helped us talk through the learning.

The training firmly established a strong lean product mindset into my team one that we still apply and use the tools from the training.

I would recommend this training and Gerard himself as authentic learning.

Stephen Bloomer

Head of Product, Diaceutics


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