Change is no longer something that business do every several years. It has become a key aspect of how business are run in the 21st century. Adaptability, flexibility, speed and innovation must be part of your organization’s DNA if you want to succeed.

I can help you change to a resilient and adaptable organization which is based on two key pillars: continuous improvement and respect for people.

Change will become part of your DNA.

Organizational Change

70% of transformation initiatives fail to achieve their objectives, because they are run like a project, with a big plan upfront, given a budget and a funny name and run by the same people and mindsets who brought you there. The problem is that uncertainty and complexity are not taken into account.

Traditional change management tries to fix the problem with processes and models, HR tries to fix the problem with performance management and Agile tries to fix the problem by changing mindsets. But, I offer feedback-driven approach based on a combination of the best ideas from all these areas and the principles of Lean Startup. 


If you are a startup, you don’t need to follow a scaling and growth approach that will drive you to slowness, bureaucracy and increased costs, you can do things differently.

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