In today’s business world, success hinges on the ability to identify and focus on what truly matters. Amid a plethora of tasks and objectives, pinpointing the essential elements that drive growth and progress is crucial. This concept lies at the heart of “Focus on What Matters: Field Book for Effective OKRs,” a transformative guide that enables businesses to refine their priorities and achieve strategic goals.

Focus on What Matters - Field Book for Effective OKRs - OKRs Book - Objectives and Key Results - Gerard Chiva

Unveiling ‘Focus on What Matters’

“Focus on What Matters” is more than just a book; it’s a strategic toolkit for businesses aiming for excellence. Authored by Gerard Chiva, an authority in the field, the book explores the intricacies of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) – a proven methodology for setting and attaining ambitious goals.

This book serves as a compass for organizations navigating the complex terrain of goal setting and performance measurement.

Aligning OKRs with Business Strategy

A central theme of the book is the alignment of OKRs with a business’s overarching strategy. It provides practical insights into how organizations can synchronize their short-term objectives with their long-term aspirations, ensuring that every effort and resource is directed towards the ultimate goal in an efficient and focused manner.

Strategies for Goal Achievement: Insights from the Book

The book stands out for its actionable strategies for achieving set goals. It moves beyond theory, presenting real-world scenarios and case studies that demonstrate the successful application of OKRs. Readers gain access to a wealth of knowledge on setting realistic yet challenging goals, measuring progress effectively, and adapting strategies in response to changing business landscapes.

Maintaining Focus on Critical Objectives

“Focus on What Matters” also addresses one of the biggest challenges in modern business practice: maintaining focus. The book offers guidance on how to keep teams and individuals focused on critical objectives, avoiding the common pitfalls of distraction and overcommitment. It emphasizes the importance of clarity, commitment, and consistency in adhering to core objectives.


“Focus on What Matters” is not just a book; it’s a roadmap to strategic success through the effective use of OKRs. It empowers businesses to prioritize, align, and achieve their most critical goals, fostering a culture of focus and excellence. For any organization looking to navigate the complexities of modern business dynamics and emerge victorious, this book is an essential read.

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