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As many people already know I am writing a book. What you didn’t know is what the book is about. So, in this first blog post of my new website I will explain a bit of it.

The book is a practical framework to help digital business leaders to overcome the challenges that come with growth and get to market leadership.

I have spent last few years helping companies as a Lean Startup Coach, Lean and Agile Coach and Team and Executive Coach. During this period of time I have met countless business owners and executives unable to grow, managing stagnant or flatline business, unable to take their business to the next level, unable to overcome competitive pressures and take the lead.

This book is based on my own experience while working with companies as an external business consultant. Where I learnt what helps companies standout and lead and what keeps them stagnant.

I have been helping all kinds of companies to successfully adopt Agile, Lean and Lean Startup, and I have trained hundreds of managers, executives and developers.


I haven’t met any business owner who doesn’t want to see their business grow, however very few companies make the leap and most stay small.

There are also some other companies who are dynamic and have been growing fast for a while but they hit a ceiling.

As companies grow they apply some common thinking and organizional mistakes that hinder growth, which if not addressed properly, can lead to stagnation, even making them become irrelevant due fast competition in the digital space nowadays.

When I speak to C-suite and senior management of digital businesses, main key concern of theirs is the strategic direction of the company, the operational efficiency and the business performance. They are looking at those three things in particular.

But, at the heart of it, when I really, really question them, it just comes down to these three things:

  1. They want motivated people. They want a really motivated team
  2. They want growth, but ultimately …
  3. They want to be the market leaders. That’s what they want.

In my work as Business Consultant I usually meet business owners who don’t know what to do to grow. They keep trying and trying on the same old traditional methods and practices which don’t work anymore in disruptive and fast paced 21st century. Most of these companies are growing because they are navigating the ascending part of the hockey stick in a growing market. But, they are growing with the wrong structures, processes and thinking in place.

This will ultimately lead to stagnation and decline.


There are a few traits that distinguish those companies that make it from those which doesn’t. Their ability to quickly adapt the processes, structures and management to their size, market position and market dynamics.

In my book I bring you a clear and practical framework to leave complacency and stagnation behind and jump to the next level. This is an organizational blueprint to unleash growth and human potential to ultimately achieve market leadership while working less.

The Three Mistakes

There are three key mistakes all companies make that hinder their growth or prevent them from growing:

  1. Organize around competitors
  2. Organize around silos
  3. Organize around egos

Traditional established businesses make all these three mistakes at once, and they are trying to keep up with younger more dynamic competitors but they bump over and over again with the same rock. Unable to see what is wrong they just push on the same strategies and tactics that worked (kind of) well in the 20th century.

On the other hand, young and dynamic businesses which are growing fast start to witness some problems, like slowing down innovation, lack of strategic alignment, information flow slowing down and customer satisfaction and employee motivation. These are early signs and symptoms that you are going to see a decline in your growth soon.

The Growth Blueprint

The context is different but the mistakes are the same. If you want to be market leader in the digital businesses what you have to do is:

  • Organize around growth
  • Organize around value
  • Organize around people

Those are the three main sections of my book and the blueprint framework. And, I have designed a process that moves your company from stagnation to exponential growth.


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