Business Agility Series #5 – Employee Experience

In a world being transformed by digital technologies, increasing transparency, and the rising demand for talented professionals with fast-changing skills, employee experience is an increasingly important dimension of competing for and engaging your workforce. In "2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends - Rewriting the rules for the digital age”: Organizational culture, engagement, and employee brand proposition remain top priorities in … Continue reading Business Agility Series #5 – Employee Experience

Business Agility Series #1 – The Future of Work

As my colleague Jerónimo Palacios says, "you have no idea what digital transformation is about”. The most important aspect of Digital Transformation is people not technology. As it is for Business Agility, the topic of this post. The question is how individuals and organizations deal with technology advances and how we organize for speed, agility and adaptability … Continue reading Business Agility Series #1 – The Future of Work

Performance Appraisals

Last week I had dinner with Jerry, an Agile Coach friend of mine, who is currently working in a mid-size company of about 2000 employees that is starting its “Agile” transformation. As part of the transformation journey, a new performance management process is being defined by HR in collaboration with some external consultants. And Jerry was telling me how … Continue reading Performance Appraisals

Organizational Culture

Another important aspect of Organizational Context is culture. That evil entity that is causing all sort of problems in organizations nowadays 🙂 Organizational culture can be defined as "the way we do things around here", but this definition is too simple to convey the complexity of the subject. Let's see what the subject matter experts say about … Continue reading Organizational Culture