Predictability in Kanban Systems

It is curious how in era of the Big Data, Machine Learning and AI many organizations still apply practices of clairvoyants and shamans in trying to predict the future. They claim "We use big data to understand customer behaviors" and I say "Yes, and you ask your development teams for estimates. How cool is that :)". In … Continue reading Predictability in Kanban Systems

The Fuzzy Front End

Some months ago I placed an order for several books at Amazon. A few hours later, I got an email from Amazon informing me that one of the books was no longer available and that I could either get the order without the book or cancel it. I decided to cancel it because the missing book was the … Continue reading The Fuzzy Front End

Kanban Service Maturity Assessment

Kanban method by LeanKanban describes an organization as an ecosystem of interconnected services. For instance, an HR department could be implementing several services: payroll, recruitment, onboarding, etc. A service could be implemented by one team or several. For instance, if your service is to deliver software and you are not fully cross-functional end-to-end, you can have several … Continue reading Kanban Service Maturity Assessment

Fast and Easy Lean Metrics

As Agile Coaches or Lean Consultants we find ourselves in situations where we need to quickly get some key metrics and charts from our customers. If you are lucky your customer will be using a tool such as LeanKit or Swiftkanban, both with powerful lean metrics capabilities. If you are not so lucky your customer … Continue reading Fast and Easy Lean Metrics