Business Agility Series #1 – The Future of Work

As my colleague Jerónimo Palacios says, "you have no idea what digital transformation is about”. The most important aspect of Digital Transformation is people not technology. As it is for Business Agility, the topic of this post. The question is how individuals and organizations deal with technology advances and how we organize for speed, agility and adaptability … Continue reading Business Agility Series #1 – The Future of Work

Systemic Constellations

Are you an Agile Coach, Team Lead, Team Coach or Manager? Have you ever had the strange feeling that something smells in a team? Is there something stuck or the same issue keeps recurring? Is there too much talking, too many words, and rational analysis is not getting to the issue? Are team members stuck ‘in their heads'? Is … Continue reading Systemic Constellations

Breaking free from bias

­­­­ Introduction Cognitive Biases are unconscious processes that influence how we perceive the world and how we take decisions. These mechanisms are a result of evolution Biases are automatisms of our brain that make our live easier, but they have also a dark side. Specially, in organizations biases are a significant issue, but there is little … Continue reading Breaking free from bias

Organizational Culture

Another important aspect of Organizational Context is culture. That evil entity that is causing all sort of problems in organizations nowadays 🙂 Organizational culture can be defined as "the way we do things around here", but this definition is too simple to convey the complexity of the subject. Let's see what the subject matter experts say about … Continue reading Organizational Culture

Holacracy, the new kid on the block?

I recently attended a webinar by Brian Robertson CEO of HolacracyOne. I am really interested in their approach to organization design as lots of news has recently been circulating about Zappos and other organizations adopting this approach. I'm really happy to see that their business is working and they have already some implementations successfully running. The world … Continue reading Holacracy, the new kid on the block?