Agile is a suboptimization … the next frontier is Business Agility

From the early days until now, no matter which framework or approach you use, Agile has been focused on parts of the organization. Dealing with the organization as if it was a machine with interchangeable parts. Even those frameworks, methods and methodologies that claim to be enabling Business Agility, like Enterprise Scrum or Kanban Enterprise … Continue reading Agile is a suboptimization … the next frontier is Business Agility

Holacracy – from Feudalism to Fractalism

Three years ago I wrote this blog post expressing some doubts and concerns about Holacracy. Some time has passed since then and I think the time has come for Holacracy to start making a change in the world. My initial skepticism has vanished. Hundreds of organizations are running on Holacracy already and there is a powerful and … Continue reading Holacracy – from Feudalism to Fractalism

It is WIP limit, not WHIP limit

One of the main challenges when adopting Kanban is the limitation of work-in-progress (WIP). No matter the size, industry or age of the company; the concept of limiting the WIP in order to improve time-to-market and productivity is counterintuitive and a strong blow against conventional mindset. But let’s be clear with this. You cannot benefit from Kanban if WIP … Continue reading It is WIP limit, not WHIP limit

Predictability in Kanban Systems

It is curious how in era of the Big Data, Machine Learning and AI many organizations still apply practices of clairvoyants and shamans in trying to predict the future. They claim "We use big data to understand customer behaviors" and I say "Yes, and you ask your development teams for estimates. How cool is that :)". In … Continue reading Predictability in Kanban Systems

The Fuzzy Front End

Some months ago I placed an order for several books at Amazon. A few hours later, I got an email from Amazon informing me that one of the books was no longer available and that I could either get the order without the book or cancel it. I decided to cancel it because the missing book was the … Continue reading The Fuzzy Front End

Kanban Service Maturity Assessment

Kanban method by LeanKanban describes an organization as an ecosystem of interconnected services. For instance, an HR department could be implementing several services: payroll, recruitment, onboarding, etc. A service could be implemented by one team or several. For instance, if your service is to deliver software and you are not fully cross-functional end-to-end, you can have several … Continue reading Kanban Service Maturity Assessment

Solution Focus Coaching – A Positive Approach to Change

­­­­Introduction Last September I was having breakfast while scrolling through my twitter I came across a tweet from a well-known consultant that caught my attention. "So you want to fix your current situation, but you don't want to understand what you did to reach this point... :-\" I answered, “No, you don’t need to understand … Continue reading Solution Focus Coaching – A Positive Approach to Change