Suffering from Agile? Lost in your Digital Transformation? Do you need a sounding board? I offer speed online coaching sessions for C-level and Senior Management where you can get your head around Agile and Digital Transformation.

What is Agile Transformation Speed Coaching?

An Agile Transformation Speed Coaching is short and extremely focused coaching session in which you bring your particular case about Agile or Digital Transformation and I help you with my broad experience in personal coaching, team coaching, agile and lean, leadership, management, product development and technology.


  • Fast
  • Online
  • Strictly confidential
  • Radical honesty
  • No more ass-kissing

How does it work?

Very easy. You book me 30 minutes and we hold a coaching session on skype.

You don’t need to prepare anything, just get yourself a quiet, private and comfortable place. And make sure you bring an issue, a problem, something that is worrying you or something you want to achieve.

How much is it?

Enjoy three sessions for free and boost your digital transformation. Probably you won’t need any more.

What sort of situations could I bring to an ATSC session?

  • I just need a sounding board, so I can express my worries, ventilate and be honest
  • We need to be agile but I don’t know where to start from
  • We have been on this Agile journey for too long and nothing seems to be changing
  • Board wants short-term results but this agile thingy is likely to take a few years
  • Business as usual and short-term thinking is jeopardizing future survival of my organization
  • How can I get results by increasing autonomy and moving decision taking to people really doing the work and keep accountability and responsibility at the same time?
  • I don’t understand what the hell these agile coaches are doing!
  • Is is better to hire internal agile coaches or external ones?
  • Our competition is much faster
  • Shouldn’t this agile thingy bring results much faster?
  • How do I measure success of Agile Transformation?
  • Those weirdos at IT are putting sticky notes all over the place and playing games, but they don’t understand what my problem really is!
  • My middle-management is a pain in the ass! They are constantly complaining about this agile thingy?
  • But, wasn’t Agile designed with small projects in mind?
  • Agile doesn’t work at the complex portfolio level
  • I need teams to estimate and commit to delivery
  • Since we implemented Agile we are slower than ever and people are more stressed

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