Business Agility Series #3 – Employer Brand

by Carola Morató

Carola Morató is my guest blogger this week. Carola is an Employer Brander and Internal Communications specialist. She says that “a happy employee creates happy customers”. Certified in Leadership Employer Brand by EB College in Australia, Master in Communication by EAE and Executive Coach (ICF). She has been working in communication for 20 years and she helps organizations improve their talent management, engagement and motivation.

Employer Brand – Positioning for Talent

In a short time your product will be similar to your competition’s. Only if you manage to have the best human team behind it you can be a reference in the market.

In the coming years technological advances and social changes will push companies to reinvent their way of working. Remote working is a common trend already that will increase in the future and the age pyramid in terms of the active population is getting older year after year, and the retirement age is delayed. Currently, four generations are living together in the same labor market and this means knowing how to manage, motivate and understand each and every one of them.

The Profiles You Will Need For Your Company Do Not Exist

In a few years there will be 50% of new professions, many of which are still unknown so there is no training offer yet. The world of work runs fast and to be in that race you have to be in shape, otherwise you risk being overtaken from the first positions as an Employer Brand.

Many professional profiles will be in short supply. The war for talent is served, and those organizations that have done the work in their Employer Branding strategy will be there, prepared to welcome the talent formed in the latest technologies. Organizations that have not done so will have to settle for talent their competition doesn’t want. It is a matter of positioning yourself to be attractive. Not to choose talent, but to be chosen by talent.

With this perspective in mind, working your employer brand is a matter of survival.

Employer Branding Strategy

To develop your Employer Brand Strategy you must be very clear about what makes your company special, who you want to attract and what you will offer.

Employer Branding


To design your employer branding strategy, you must first know who you are, your culture, your purpose, your mission and vision. What you do, and why you do it.

Values are the basis on which the brand is built. They must be clearly communicated and lived with integrity in every action that is carried out. Motivated and committed employees share the values of the brand and that is a main goal of employer branding.

The idea is to get all stakeholders to receive the same inputs with regards to values. You may communicate different messages according to the audience, but it is crucial that they all represent the same values. Only then you will be credible.


Talent chooses to work in those companies they feel identified with and heard. Those organization that take them into account not only as an employee but as a person.

Taking into account the person as a whole and not just as an employee is a must in an attractive organization to work for.

What is the professional profile that you want to attract?

You must think about the current and future needs. What training should they have? Their soft skills, their motivations. What values do ideal candidates have so they are aligned your company?


What is your Employee Value Proposition? (EVP). What do you offer so that people wants to work in your company? The EVP must have your values implicit. You want to attract talent that feels identified with who you really are.

Employee Experience

You must have a clear understanding of all the steps an employee goes through with your company, before the first contact, when they visit your website, until the professional relationship ends.

You must avoid the mistake of thinking only about the selection process. Just as important is to attract and keep talent as the image of your brand as an employer after the end of your employment relationship.

A candidate, employee or former employee automatically becomes a loudspeaker of your brand.

Everything that refers to their experience with your organization will influence your employer brand and also your customer brand. Everything is related, hence the importance of maintaining consistency with your brand values, internally and externally.

The employee experience defines you as an employer, but also contributes to the generation of the brand image of your company. You are in the time of EXPERIENCE in capital letters, everything you do inside and outside the organization will have a relevant weight. Social media and the paradigm shift open the doors to transparency. Everything you do will be known.

Changes, uncertainty, talent shortage, different generations working together, is the reality you have to live with now. Companies must choose whether to do something or not.

Working on your employer brand will mean being present in the market competing for talent, not working on your employer brand will mean that you don’t exist.

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