Team´s Organizational Context

Leaders cannot make a team be great, but they can put conditions in place to increase likelihood (although not guarantee) that a team will be effective. Richard Hackman, argues that "the job of those who create, lead or coach teams it is not to exhort members to work together well, not to personally manage members' collaborative work … Continue reading Team´s Organizational Context

Organizational Culture

Another important aspect of Organizational Context is culture. That evil entity that is causing all sort of problems in organizations nowadays 🙂 Organizational culture can be defined as "the way we do things around here", but this definition is too simple to convey the complexity of the subject. Let's see what the subject matter experts say about … Continue reading Organizational Culture

Team Distribution

Distribution is perhaps one of the hottest topics today. Globalization and technology has led organizations to a situation where they must deal with distribution of their employees and teams. However there are many ways in which we can achieve that. First of all, I must say, that in average, co-located teams are always going to … Continue reading Team Distribution

Team Size

Decades of research and practice indicate that size is one of the most straightforward variables with a strong impact on team performance, but still organizations don't take it too seriously. Specially those organizations that have a Tayloristic or individualistic approach to getting things done. Size matters, size really matters. It depends on the type of task or … Continue reading Team Size

I got my first Scrum Master assignment, what should I do? – 10 practical tips

So, you just got your first assignment as Scrum Master, and you are wondering how do I get started? Let’s assume you are assigned to an already existing team. If you have to create or start a new team from the beginning then you can have a look at my post about Team Liftoff, which … Continue reading I got my first Scrum Master assignment, what should I do? – 10 practical tips